Report Pricing and Descriptions

  • 1-2 data sets with narrative and recommendations (approximately 5 pages) $300-$350.
  • 3-5 data sets with narrative, additional analysis and recommendations (10-15 pages in length). $650-$975.
  • 6+ data sets; narrative, analysis, and additional information from industry reports and other sources. $1200-$1500.

DataSage Solutions Reports

When it comes to effective business and marketing research, there is no “one size fits all.” The products listed here are just to give you an idea of the types of reports and information we are able to put together for you.

Here are a few short examples of the kind of actionable data available to help understand local markets and inform growth strategies:

Mini-Case Study #1 | Mini-Case Study #2

What matters is finding out exactly what you need. We will work together with you to determine what type of data service will be most effective in helping you reach your goals.

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Reports May Include One or More of the Following

  • Segment Distribution Report – What type of customers are in your market area? General overview of your market area including demographics. Comparisons to the national index.
  • Profile Ranking Index Report – What other products or services do your target use or prefer? This also goes beyond products / services to include media, opinions, politics, or future purchase plans. This report can help you tailor your message.
  • Profiler Worksheet – Usage information for one or more audience segments. Key demographics of your target customer(s). What products and services are your core customers most interested in?
  • Target Segment Measures – This report displays detailed profile data on demographics, media preferences, and lifestyle characteristics for a selected target and/or its segments.
  • Market Potential – Compare usage patterns for your products, competitive products and similar products in one or more analysis areas.
  • Target Concentration Report – This report shows how many target users are located in an analysis area. Percentage of households that are targets; percentage of target households compared to all households in the analysis area (penetration); an index showing the propensity of a household to be a target
  • Industry Analysis – This report pulls from a variety of resources and gives you a complete picture of how and where your type of business fits into the economy. It tracks trends, new developments, threats and opportunities.

Longer and more customized reports can compare geographic regions, different audience segments, or use the basic data described above to provide additional analysis beyond the abbreviated descriptions provided here.